Sterilizer Black Hole Specialists

Sterilizer Black Hole, Before and After Do You Have a Sterilizer Black Hole!

No need to be embarrassed, Many facilities do. 

What is a sterilizer black hole? 

Over time, minerals in the water supply that is used to generate steam and boiler chemicals deposit themselves onto the surfaces of your sterilizers and autoclaves. This combined with contamination from oxidation; detergents, wrapper chemicals, stickers and autoclave tape create a build up of surface contamination.

This surface contamination acts like an insulator, absorbing heat which causes uneven chamber heating.  In addition, the surface contamination can flake off,  causing wet packs and contamination. Wet packs have to be re-sterilized. Because the surface contamination acts like an insulator, it takes longer to achieve proper temperatures and increases your utility costs. Your staff costs go up as well because of the need to sterilize more than once.

Sterilizer and autoclave chamber cleaning with Autoclave Cleaning Services will stop them from becoming Black Holes. We use a Chemical/Mechanical method that safely removes the unsightly deposits that build up on the chamber. As you can see from these before and after pictures, it is quite effective. Chambers can be cleaned at a savings to keep them looking better year-round.

We are factory trained by Steris.  We also specialize in cleaning Getinge * Sterizilers and AutoClaves.

No More Black Holes!

 Clean your units at a fraction of glass bead prices.

Even with a tight budget, chamber cleaning on a regular basis is affordable. Cleaning is scheduled during off hours or at times that are convenient to you. Both the Operating Room Autoclaves and Central Sterilizers can be cleaned on the same day. This keeps your staff working and your sterilization schedule moving smoothly.

We already service hospitals in the Children’s Healthcare, HCA, Duke Medical and other hospital systems. Why not join those who enjoy the benefits of an efficient economic chamber cleaning today? Contact us for a free estimate.

Why look into a Black Hole any longer?

Contact us today for a simple solution to the Black Hole Blues.

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