Sterilizer Cleaning Service

Sterilizer Cleaning presents a Clean sterilizer chamber

Sterilizer Cleaning Services has been cleaning sterilizers and autoclaves for more than 18 years.

Way back then we were trained in the original STERIS sterilizer cleaning method. Over the years technology has helped us improve the quality and efficiency of the chemical/mechanical cleaning process. Sterilizers are huge investments. We treat them as if they were our own. 

Interruptions in your schedule wreak havoc. Our goal is cleaning your equipment with the least interference to your operations. Some units are always hot and available as we rotate through the chambers.

 Originally serving Georgia and Florida, Sterilizer Cleaning Services has a number of strategically placed cleaning teams throughout the Southeast. They are ready to clean your sterilizers and autoclaves.

 Our specially trained teams are completely self-contained. They bring all the equipment and materials needed. We utilize the latest manufacturers approved chemical /mechanical methods.  Just as important, we bring the professionalism and courtesy required when working in medical and surgical environments.

 Glass Beading is no longer recommended by sterilizer manufacturers. In fact, most manufactures now say that glass beading actually harms the surface of the sterilizer.  Why spend a small fortune using old fashioned glass beading?  Six months later the autoclaves will look like Black Holes again. 

Our ongoing sterilizer cleaning maintenance program can keep your sterilizers looking their best at a fraction of the cost of glass beading.  Without the interruption, noise and mess of invasive compressors and hoses.